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Cormatic® Automated Designer Series Towel Dispenser
New automated Cormatic® system provides a hygienic solution, operational efficiencies, and enhances your facilities image.

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The Cormatic® automated towel dispenser delivers the image of the Designer Series with patented, automatic, one-at-a-time dispensing. High-quality, high-capacity rolls help generate easy and low maintenance requirements. Proven in the market for decades, this dispenser is image enhancing, hygienic, and durable. Only available via one time, lifetime, Lease Agreement with GP or authorized distributor.
Features & Benefits:
 »  Highly durable, long lasting dispenser
 »  Customized inserts available
 »  Reliable, hygienic touch free dispensing helps reduce risk of cross-contamination
 »  Operationally Efficient - Reduces usage and waste to help your bottom line and the environment
 »  Adjustable settings allow you to customize towel length, sensor range, time delay and hang mode
 »  Uses long-lasting, standard D-cell batteries (included with dispenser) or optional AC power kits for easy and low maintenance requirements
 »  ADA compliant when mounted according to Georgia-Pacific installation instructions
 »  Warranty Program - covers workmanship and parts; while normal wear and tear and vandalism are not covered
Product Details
Brand OwnerGeorgia-Pacific
MFG Part#ADS200K
UP - UPC073310300733
Each Per Ship Unit1 Each
Items Per Each0 Each
Case Total1 Each
Dispenser (WxDxH)14.250" x 9.100'' x 15.500"
Buy Multiple1 EA
Case Shipping Info
Case GTIN10073310300730
Case Gross Wgt10.400 LBS
Case Net Wgt9.372 LBS
Case Dimensions (LxWxH)15.775" x 12.175" x 19.825"
Case Volume2.200 CFT
Each Shipping Info
Each Gross Weight10.34 LBS
Each Net Wgt9.372 LBS
Each Dimensions15.775" x 12.175" x 19.825"
Each Volume2.200 CFT
Unit Shipping Info
Unit Qty42
Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)47.330" x 39.650" x 85.230"
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  Refills  -  Products designed to fit and fill or refill select dispensers.

Mfg # 2530               
Georgia-Pacific Ultima® White High Capacity Premium Towels on 8 1/4" Rolls
12 Rolls @ 425 Linear Feet , 5100 Linear Feet , Towel (WxL) 8.250" x 425.000'

Ultra-premium white refill roll towels for complete patron satisfaction.   more detail
Mfg # 2910P               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® Brown Hardwound Roll Towels on 8.25" Non-Slot Rolls
6 Rolls @ 700 Linear Feet , 4200 Linear Feet , Towel (WxL) 8.250" x 700.000'

Cormatic® high-capacity brown EcoLogo CCD-086 hardwound roll towels for Cormatic® Towel dispensing systems.   more detail
Mfg # 2930P               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Hardwound Roll Towels on 8.25" Non-Slot Rolls
6 Rolls @ 700 Linear Feet , 4200 Linear Feet , Towel (WxL) 8.250" x 702.000'

High-capacity white hardwound roll towels for system solution dispensing systems providing complete satisfaction.   more detail
Mfg # 29500               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White EPA Hardwound Roll Towels
6 Rolls @ 700 Linear Feet , 4200 Linear Feet , Towel (WxL) 8.250" x 700.000'

DISCONTINUED Expected Run Out Nov. 2013. Replaced by 2930P   more detail
  Dispenser Keys  -  Dispenser keys for Georgia-Pacific key lock dispensers.

Mfg # 50504               
Georgia-Pacific ® Steel Dispenser Key for Most Dispensers with Lock Mechanism
1 Each , Dimensions   x x

Finally - a single key that works with most locking GP, former James River, Fort Howard and Fort James. LOST or NEED KEYS? INCLUDE the key number, your mailing address and any details to ensure a prompt response.   more detail
Mfg # 50431               
Georgia-Pacific Parts Metal Dispenser Key - COR-KEY for Cormatic, Ultilmatic Towel Tissue Soap and Air Dispensers
1 Each , Dimensions   x x

DISCONTINUED - See 50504 for Replacement. Durable metal key specifically designed for Cormatic / Ultimatic dispensing systems   more detail
  Accessories  -  Optional items to complement dispensers and provide additional benefits.

Mfg # 59478               
Georgia-Pacific ® Grey Central AC Power Kit for Automated Dispensers
36 Each Per Case , Dimensions  5.300" x 7.100" x 2.300"

Optional Central AC Power Kit converts Classic enMotion® wall-mount towel dispenser, Cormatic®, or goRag Automated Dispenser from 4 D-cell batteries to AC power. Kit includes battery pack transformer and 9’ connecting cable to connect to a user-supplied central 24V AC power supply (not included).   more detail
Mfg # 59480               
Georgia-Pacific ® Grey Plug-In AC Power Kit for Automated Dispensers
32 Each Per Case , Dispenser (WxDxH) 5.250" x 9.000" x 2.500"

Optional Plug-in AC Power Kit converts Classic enMotion® wall-mount, Cormatic®, or goRag™ Automated Dispenser from 4 D-cell batteries to AC power. Kit includes battery pack transformer and plug-in power supply.   more detail
Mfg # 50523               
Georgia-Pacific ® Gray Translucent Ensemble Dispenser Demo Stand
2 Each @ 1 Each , 2 Each , Dimensions   x x

Select more details to access the Ensemble Assembly PDF link   more detail
  Dispenser Parts  -  Replacement parts for dispensers eliminating the need to replace the entire dispenser.

Mfg # 50239               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Automatic Towel Dispenser Replacement Cover
1 Each , Dimensions  0.000" x 0.000" x 0.000"

   more detail
Mfg # 57462               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic®  Replacement Carousel for the ADS200K Electronic Towel Dispenser
1 Each , Dimensions   x x

   more detail
Mfg # 57464               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Electronic Drive Chassis Replacement for Cormatic Automated Dispensers
1 Each , Dimensions   x x

Easy to install electronic drive chassis kit includes the chassis, tools, screws, and step-by-step instructions. Kits do not include batteries or battery pack holders.   more detail
  Product Family  -  Coordinated dispensers provide an upscale look and enhance a facility's image.

Mfg # DS0250N               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Designer Series Vertical 2-Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser
1 Each , Dimensions  5.810" x 6.680" x 14.320"

Quality vertical double roll bath tissue dispenser for a cost-effective, coordinated washroom solution   more detail
Mfg # DS0350N               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Designer Series Vertical 3-Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
6 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 5.880" x 6.960" x 20.120"

DISCONTINUED Immediately. Replaced by DS0250N.   more detail
Mfg # DS0720               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Designer Series Air Freshener Dispenser (Keyless)
12 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 3.500" x 3.750" x 6.600"

Discontinued Immediately. See 53287 for Replacement.   more detail
Mfg # DS8008               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Designer Series Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser 1 Liter
12 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 4.460" x 3.600" x 11.640"

DISCONTINUED Immediately. Suggested Replacements Pacific Garden Manual or enMotion Automated Skin Care Dispensers   more detail
Mfg # DS8021               
Georgia-Pacific Cormatic® White Designer Series Soap Dispenser for Food Processing (1-Liter) Key Lock
12 Each , Dispenser (WxDxH) 4.460" x 3.600" x 11.640"

DISCONTINUED. Suggested Replacement is Georgia-Pacific 53087, 53053 or 53087 Manual Soap/ Sanitizer Dispenser.   more detail